The Factors That Will Dictate Organizational Change in 2017

Companies and organizations, if they wish to stay alive, cannot afford to remain stagnant in an ever changing world. Recent years have seen the rise and demise of several companies that were not able to change their business model to meet the needs of their markets. As a new year has come around, it’s a pretty sure bet that there will be new challenges that will need to be met.

Today, we discuss the factors that will most likely dictate what organizational changes need to occur.

Remote Workers

With the digital evolution of communication and accessibility, most employees prefer to work remotely. For businesses that don’t directly deal with any physical inventory, considering the possibility of remote work and remote workers is crucial.

Remote workers have a higher probability of striking a suitable work-life balance. This leads them to be happier and more productive than those who report to a brick and mortar location. Ultimately, happy workers are better for any business’ bottom line.

Changing Consumer Needs

The one thing that’s certain is that things always change. A clear example of this is the various malls that are closing down all over the US. Gone are the times when people went to malls to hang out or do their shopping. The dwindling economy marked a big change in consumer buying trends. Consumers were introduced to the concept of online shopping and online only deals.

Consumers are always known for wanting high quality products for the lowest price and online retailers met this need. As such, outlet stores in malls all over the US felt a sharp decline in their customers. Consumers have a cycle and only those who are able to anticipate and adapt to this survive.

Whatever business you have, you must always consider the current state of consumer behavior.

Data Trends

With most interactions occurring in the sphere of the online world, it has been increasingly easy for marketers and business to gather consumer data. Particularly with the blossoming concept of smart devices that aren’t limited to mobile devices, businesses would be smart to factor this in.

Smart devices will be able to map out patterns of consumer behavior and for that, maximize product recommendations. Understanding and wielding the data you gather will help any business further understand their market demographic. It is important to collate your data appropriately and ethically to fully anticipate where the trend seems to be heading.


Startups are slowly taking over the market. Any business will have competitors and it’s crucial to be ahead of the curve. So whenever new competition makes its entrance into a market, it is prudent to analyze how this will affect you.

Complacency can be the start of a pretty bad spiral.

Political Climate

With the political climate being as it is now, there’s little doubt that many businesses will be affected. Recently, we saw several large chains break ties with an already established brand. Clashing opinions often spell trouble for certain businesses.

It’s best to keep feelers out for shifting political climates. Be discerning on when it is appropriate to make a change.